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Bliss4Lunch - 15 Minutes of Mindfulness for Everyone

Today's world seems so busy. Our days are filled with endless streams of activity that demand our attention. Many even feel a sense of guilt when relaxing. This leads to stress and a growing dissatisfaction in life.

The rise of readily available technology such as smart phones and electronic toys has brought this behavior to our children as well. 

Our parents knew that children that can't sit still either need to exercise more or engage in activities that promote focus and silence such as reading a great book.

Today we pacify them by drowning their thoughts in dopamine triggering never ending flashing, moving and engaging devices and movies. 

Have you ever sat back and just felt satisfied, calm and peaceful? I know you might not have the time for it, however, could you just for a moment feel like this right now? Perhaps take a breath. If that was not deep enough, lean back and take another really deep breath. Even a third one. How does this feel? Could you add to your relaxation by breathing deeply again? - If you could not take a deep breath and felt rushed, perhaps even wondering why I would ask such a thing, then my friend, you really need a break.

It's just breathing. Research shows that most people don't breathe slow and deep enough. Their breath is mostly shallow and fast, creating feelings of haste and anxiety. Have you ever noticed? 

Our new and simple program is made for you. You will learn in just 15 minutes how to relax again. How to fuel your body and mind for the next challenges. How to become strong within, while weathering the storms of life. This course is for children and office workers alike and if you would like to facilitate these bliss4lunch sessions in your own school or at work frequently, we can help you to train a facilitator. 

Please give yourself a treat and try it. If you are a school or non-profit it is free of charge, businesses can book sessions at very reasonable fees. 


Abegail Pineda

Student Success

Dr. Fariha Khalid

Program Director

Mahi Modi

Lead Teacher Psychology

Dr. Talha Farooq

Lead Teacher Medical

Krisha Marie Ornopia

Student Consultant

Maria Concepcion Silaya

Student Consultant

Megha Banerjee

Support Director

Sofia Barrera

Video Director

Nikolai Manek

Founder and CEO

Emily Manek

Course Director

Lisa Manek


Ravi Damor

Project Director

Debajyoti Adhya

Project Coordination

Ajay Panday

Lead Teacher

Bharti Patel

Software Development

Mayur Vaidhya

Project Manager

Tamlyn Cohen

Lead Teacher

Deepak Kumar

Lead Teacher

Garima Jain

Development Lead Web

Marwa Magdy

Lead Designer

Vikash Petwal

Lead Teacher

Sayantani Samanta

Project Manager

Ana Carolina

Support Lead

Rod Tan

Microsoft Admin

Alexa Dareen

Support Lead

Sandhya Lakhera

Lead Teacher

Karan Vikama

Lead Teacher

Sumangala Srinivas

Lead Teacher

Arun TR

System Admin

Ashima Sharma

Research Writer

Dr. Wazir Ahmed

Curriculum Director

Vipin Kohli

Lead Developer Apps

Prithi Gopalan

Lead Teacher

Dr Rashmi Bhatt

Lead Teacher Ayurveda

Hitesh Raundal

Lead Ecommerce

Muhammad Zubair

Software Developer

Nitin Jain

Software Developer

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Our Story

Yogamu because yoga is a Sanskrit word and means union. Thus now that you know, the word Yogamu reminds you what yoga means. Yoga means union. As a word directly but also as a concept. This makes Yogamu a very short sutra. The word sutra is the same as suture when your wounds are being stitched up. It connects and makes it complete again. Sutras remind you of larger concepts, they are the seeds that trigger all memories about a topic.

Yogamu is the foundation, the union from which and within all reality unfolds as depicted with our flower of life logo. It shows the variety of man by using the 6 human skin tones of the Fitzpatrick scale. This showing how one nature comes in different colors but it also reaches from the ancient teachings of yoga into today’s problems that fill the news. Thus a return to the source will also be the solution to stabilize everything. That is the story behind the name Yogamu.