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Yoga Means Union

Welcome to Yogamu, the school of authentic yoga. With 40,000 students worldwide, we are proud to offer a transformative experience that connects you to the heart of yoga. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our expert instructors from Rishikesh, India, and San Diego, California, will guide you on your journey with love and compassion. Join our global community and discover the true essence of yoga with us. Welcome to the Yogamu family.

Instant Course and Community Access

Join a community of over 40.000 students

Become Certified

After completing you'll get a certificate to be elible to work worldwide

Daily Live Classes

Over 70+ Live Classes per Week

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How long does it usually take to get the email with login credentials after purchasing classes ?

Usually straight after signing up. Please check your mails and spam. If you have any questions pls contact This is what the support is for :)

What currency is your shop charged in?

Our system automatically processes payments in your local currency, regardless of your location. The price is shown at the checkout screen

Why are you so affordable?

Some people have asked why our programs are so affordable. There are two main reasons: a) Several times a year, we broadly open our doors to allow individuals from all financial backgrounds to study with us. This applies to yoga and all other disciplines we offer. b) We don't rely on student tuition in Ayurveda for profit. Thanks to TerraMD, our hospital and telemedicine enterprise, our focus is different. We're seeking well-trained global partners to purchase herbs from us, utilize our software, and collaborate with our doctors worldwide. To create this network, we train new practitioners at below-cost rates. If you appreciate our approach, you'll likely become a future partner, already familiar with our systems, doctors, treatments, and methodologies. This paves the way for a long-term, mutually profitable partnership. It's really as straightforward as that.

Are you all accredited?

Yes. All teachers are licensed doctors and registered as practitioners with the licensing board. Our training clinic has a hospital license.

Do you offer Installment payment?

Yes, Shopify does offer installment payment options for our courses. When you proceed to checkout with your chosen course, you will have the option to select installment payments.

Can I do live classes?

We have daily live classes through zoom which you can take for practice. The classes listed on the schedule are in the PST timezone, you can change it to your time by clicking on the blue button at the upper right corner of the schedule.

I’m required to have 30 live sessions for the Yoga Teacher Training. Which one are these?

Every live course is accredited except for bharatnatyam, Marma Therapy and Ayurveda

Are there any exams?

our progress is evaluated through quizzes, assignments, and a final online video test.