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Welcome to the Yogamu Shop
Welcome to the Yogamu Shop


Life Coaching (1 year)

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* DISCLAIMER: This course is not intended as a replacement for medical treatment. Always consult with your physician or mental health care provider if you could benefit from this course. If your health care provider has questions, we are happy to answer their questions at 

What you will learn:

  • How to cope with stress
  • How to deal with emotions
  • Yogic inside into the question: "Who am I?"
  • How to find out what you truly want in life
  • How to naturally lower anxiety, stress, and depression
  • How to develop profound inner peace and joy
  • How to eat for more happiness
  • Much more... 


    Included in this self-paced course is a 12-month membership to our community including the right to participate in daily (optional) live classes! Progress at your own pace while enjoying a combination of learning interesting tools and knowledge to improve your personal life, join a social group of like-minded people or attend our daily live classes. 

    Everything in this course is optional and there is no pressure, however, we recommend attending as many live classes as possible, finishing one assignment per month (they are all fun, deep, and transformational), and watching the course videos as well as reading the material. 

    The main teacher of this course is Nikolai Manek, the founder of Yogamu, one of the largest yoga schools in the world. He is the US ambassador for the World Yoga Federation of India and teaches meditation to thousands of yoga and meditation teachers. He has assembled an amazing team of yogis and subject matter experts to give you different perspectives as well as highly qualified live classes in different areas such as yoga asana, yogic breathing, and more. 

    This course includes:

    • One group coaching call per week (recordings available)
    • Mo-Fr daily group meditation 
    • Up to 10 different live classes per week in different areas  (recordings available)
    • One monthly assignment to help answer the 2 most important questions: "Who am I?" and "What do I want?"
    • The basics of yoga as a way of life
    • The basics of Ayurveda
    • Learn yoga asana for a healthier body
    • Access to discounted 1:1 coaching sessions with our "Campus Pioneers" and TerraMD team
    • Membership in exclusive and tranquil student group with teacher participation