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Welcome to the Yogamu Shop
Welcome to the Yogamu Shop

Tamlynn Cohen

Chief Education Officer

Our South African bird, Tamlyn, has taught over 100 yoga training around the world. She found Yoga at the age of 19. She combines her knowledge in anatomy, the biomechanics of the body, and psychology from her degree in Sports Psychology. With the knowledge of the ancient yogic ways to mold a class in order to open and manifest pathways safely in the body and the mind through postures, meditation, and Pranayama. After completing a kids yoga training, she wanted to share the magic of yoga with those less fortunate.

She took yoga to the streets and slums of Johannesburg to the future generations- from toddlers to teens. She believes that teaching kids consciousness for other beings and themselves could change their lives from crime to yogis. . With special mention certifications from Ana Forrest, Daniel Rama, and Shakti Bird and Jivamukti courses.`

Her style ranges from yin connective tissue plasticity stretching to yang mobility flows racing the heart and making you sweat. A fusion of all different movements to correct poor postures and lack of awareness in our own bodies from our sedentary lives."

Yogacharya Mahendar Ji

Pranayam, Mudra Shatkriya, Ayurveda

Manoranjan Chand is a Yoga teacher dedicated to sharing his knowledge of Patanjali Yoga to the world. He was born in Orissa and had a strong desire towards knowing the answers to life and higher consciousness from his childhood. His small village had fewer opportunities so, under most unusual circumstances of a devastating cyclone in 1999 in Orissa, when he was 16 years old , Manoranjan left his home in search of answers that overwhelmed him. After struggling to survive in inhuman conditions in New Delhi, and taking abject poverty and slavery as precious lessons of life Manoranjan decided to move to Kerala when a chance encounter with a generous traveler brought the opportunity.

This marked the beginning of his yogic voyage. Beginning at the very grassroots he first started cooking for yoga schools, slowly finding his way into ayurvedic classes and then finally into yoga shalas. This arduous journey carved his personality into a teacher to whom every one can relate to. His classes are infused with the fragrance of his personal experiences and none of what he says comes from dry bookish knowledge.

He never stopped learning and every opportunity that presented itself he honed his knowledge with certifications and degrees in his field.He now stands at the cusp of becoming a true guiding light with almost 10 years of teaching experience in training dedicated yogis around the world.

Kaushal Ji

Asana, Anatomy Teacher

We can see science and relate it to yoga. Science is a part of yoga and yoga is a part of nature. We cannot say that yoga and science are separate.”- REMOVE THISA Master’s degree in Yogic Science and an experience of working with the Indian army as a yoga trainer, Kushal has explored the complicated aspects of yoga through the scientific perspective.

With a belief that Yoga and science are deeply connected and complement each other, his motive is to discover the spiritual aspects of this science and enhance the anatomical/physiological awareness of each of his apprentices. Spreading the yogic wisdom, Kushal has helped thousands of souls in relieving stress and enhancing their physical strength.

He doesn't leave any chance when it comes to yoga and loves to volunteer at several yoga camps in Uttarakhand.

Nitin Chotwani

Yoga Teacher

Dr Nitin is an E-RYT 500 (a Yoga Alliance certified ‘Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher’) specializing in Hatha Yoga. He has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and has been a part of the Fusion Yoga India family for 4 years. He found a passion for yoga at an early age and spent years studying the wellness benefits of yoga. He is very particular about giving necessary attention to each student and takes pains to impart a clear understanding of the different asanas and their benefits.

He has goodknowledge of meditation spirituality mind, Asana, Yoga philosophy, Self-healing and Stress management. A man who used his tremendous knowledge ofhotels and yoga retreat inAyurvedic raw detoxic, Indian and different cuisines. He is trying to cure and held people recover from different diseases with the help of food and yoga practices.

He has knowledge of yogic diet which actually helps to improve our yogic life because he believes what we eat our body and mind becomes same. He loves to teach yoga to children and having an aim to open Yoga ashram forupcoming generation where they can learn Yoga,Ayurveda, Vedas, Sanskrit and different languages from early age which makes Good Yogis who can spread peace, love and paths of yoga all over the world.

Deepa Ji

Yoga Teacher

As a teacher, Deepa Ji focuses largely on Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Laughing Yoga. She has fondly been teaching 200 hours and 300 hours Yoga teacher training course at various prestigious yoga schools for many years. For many, spirituality may have a definition differentiating from one another, but for Deepa Ji ‘spirituality’ is all about peace of mind, being consistent within striking a perfect balance with yourself.

After having gained tremendous support and respect of all those who value her deep inside, she thinks that spirituality is something that can be found in nature. Other than imparting various aspects of yoga, Deepa Ji is fond of capturing shots and take a pleasant walk in nature. Traveling is something that has always fascinated her and she does not think twice when it comes to giving a touch of discovery.