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Bliss4Lunch - 15 Minutes of Mindfulness for Everyone

Today's world seems so busy. Our days are filled with endless streams of activity that demand our attention. Many even feel a sense of guilt when relaxing. This leads to stress and a growing dissatisfaction in life.

The rise of readily available technology such as smart phones and electronic toys has brought this behavior to our children as well. 

Our parents knew that children that can't sit still either need to exercise more or engage in activities that promote focus and silence such as reading a great book.

Today we pacify them by drowning their thoughts in dopamine triggering never ending flashing, moving and engaging devices and movies. 

Have you ever sat back and just felt satisfied, calm and peaceful? I know you might not have the time for it, however, could you just for a moment feel like this right now? Perhaps take a breath. If that was not deep enough, lean back and take another really deep breath. Even a third one. How does this feel? Could you add to your relaxation by breathing deeply again? - If you could not take a deep breath and felt rushed, perhaps even wondering why I would ask such a thing, then my friend, you really need a break.

It's just breathing. Research shows that most people don't breathe slow and deep enough. Their breath is mostly shallow and fast, creating feelings of haste and anxiety. Have you ever noticed? 

Our new and simple program is made for you. You will learn in just 15 minutes how to relax again. How to fuel your body and mind for the next challenges. How to become strong within, while weathering the storms of life. This course is for children and office workers alike and if you would like to facilitate these bliss4lunch sessions in your own school or at work frequently, we can help you to train a facilitator. 

Please give yourself a treat and try it. If you are a school or non-profit it is free of charge, businesses can book sessions at very reasonable fees. 


Instant Access

Direct access after purchase.

Led by professionals

Led by doctors and professionals from India.

Certified Course

After completing you'll get a certificate to be elible to work worldwide


From Rishikesh, India and California.