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Mindful Movements: Yoga for Pain Resilience Certification

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Mindful Movements: Yoga for Pain Resilience Certification


This course is part of our new "Premium Medical Course" series. 

30 hours YACEP continued education credit hours for Yoga Alliance

Course Start Date: June 1st
Duration: ~30 hours over 6 weeks
Format: Combination of live classes (optional attendance) and accessible recordings
Lead Instructors: Tamlyn Cohen, Dr. Divya Matlani
Focus: Enhancing resilience and maintaining safe yoga practice despite chronic pain conditions

Self-paced: Once enrolled you may allows yourself up to 3 years for completion

Course Highlights:

  • Deep Dive into Pain Science: Understand the neurology of pain, exploring how chronic pain can be an expression of the memory of past injuries and how mindfulness can alter one's pain experience.
  • Resilience Through Movement: Learn strategies to continue yoga practice safely, focusing on strengthening the mind's resilience to pain.
  • Empowerment and Adaptation: Gain the tools to modify yoga practices for various chronic pain conditions, ensuring all movements strengthen rather than strain.

Curriculum Overview:

Week 1 to 6: Each week will guide you through the principles of yoga adapted for pain resilience. The course covers not only theoretical knowledge but also practical adaptations of yoga practices for those experiencing chronic pain or pain through injuries.

  • Practical Learning: Each session includes demonstrations and hands-on practice of yoga poses modified for pain resilience, emphasizing safe practices that cater to individual needs.
  • Mindfulness and Pain Management: Develop skills in mindfulness practices specifically tailored to manage and reinterpret pain, fostering a deeper understanding of how to live with and move beyond pain.

Target Audience:

This course is ideal for yoga instructors, healthcare professionals, and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of pain management through yoga.


Upon completion, participants will be certified as Yoga for Pain Resilience Instructors, equipped to teach and guide others in developing their own resilient practices.

Transform your understanding of pain and resilience. Enroll now to begin your journey in 'Mindful Movements: Yoga for Pain Resilience Certification.'

Note: Each week consists of approximately 5 hours of instruction, including lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on activities where applicable. Participants are encouraged to engage in self-study and apply the concepts learned throughout the course to personal and professional practices.


Week 1: Understanding Pain and Resilience in Yoga
Week 2: Yoga Techniques for Managing Wrist and Shoulder Pain
Week 3: Building Core Strength for Lower Back Resilience
Week 4: Adapting Yoga for Comprehensive Physical Limitations
Week 5: Focus on Feet, Knee and Hip Resilience
Week 6: Teaching Yoga with a Focus on Pain Resilience

This curriculum emphasizes the empowerment aspect of yoga in the face of pain, highlighting the potential for reinterpreting and managing pain through mindful and adaptive practices.