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200HR Yoga Teacher Training for Emerging Markets

Original price ₱600.00 - Original price ₱17,300.00
Original price
₱600.00 - ₱17,300.00
Current price ₱600.00

India, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, 

Nicaragua and Colombia citizens only!

More countries will follow soon.

The training is currently in English only. We will add more language options soon. 

The pricing is donation based ($10 minimum). Please pay according to your financial abilities. Nobody will be turned away for financial reasons. 

Job offers:

Upon completion you may receive job offers from us to remotely teach citizen in other countries. If you are interested in job offers, please ensure that you are able to receive payments via bank transfer in your country. 


Why is this so affordable? Is it of good quality?

This is part of our effort to democratize yoga teaching opportunities in the world. The need for yoga is far higher than could be currently covered. Our training is very comprehensive and HARD. You will be tested early and often. There are many live classes to attend. Once you complete our training you will be one of the best trained new yoga teachers in the world but it won't be "easy". This is important to understand. Often people mistake a low price for a half-baked quality. The opposite is true. We live and teach in the spirit of true and traditional yoga. We value these traditions. We don't turn down earnest seekers but we won't hand out certificates for participation. Only those who study hard will pass our rigorous testing. Once you pass, you will also be eligible and most likely able to pass the tests by the Indian ministry of Ayush for a real certification by the Indian government. 

Yoga Alliance 4.9 rating. Regarding to Yoga Alliance rating every 10 out of 10 students would recommend us to their friends (NPS - Net promoter score)!



    • Multiple live classes per week at different times
    • Preparation for AYUSH certification (Indian government certification)
    • 200 HR certification that is globally accepted
    • Lifelong Access to all teaching materials
    • 24/7 support available
    • Optional – Register with the World Yoga Federation as a 200-HR certified instructor
    • Optional – Register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200-HR RYT 
    • 7 days per week optional live classes at different times to accommodate all time-zones
    • You will be ready and qualified to teach real classes, get hired by yoga studios, fitness studios, and more. 
    • See the curriculum here: 
    • Authentic yoga from instructors from Rishikesh, India
    • Potentially job offers from Yogamu


Pay from your heart: The smallest amount ($10)