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Metallic Chakra Decoration

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Nestled in the spiritual haven of Rishikesh along the holy Ganges, skilled artisans have crafted this exquisite chakra healing stone chain. Seven tumbled gemstones, each radiating with specific vibrational energies, correspond to the seven chakras of the body - the energy centers of health and awareness in yogic philosophy.

The chain begins with a grounding red jasper, representing the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Then, orange carnelian for the sacral chakra swirls with creative vitality. Moving upwards, a bright citrine stone carries the sunshine of the solar plexus chakra. The heart chakra blooms next with verdant green aventurine. Communication spins effortlessly from the blue sodalite throat chakra stone. Intuition sparks from the indigo lepidolite, opening the third eye. Finally, amethyst purple crowns the chain with higher wisdom and spiritual connectivity.

Each smooth, natural stone has been collected and shaped by hand along the Ganges. The local artisans carefully drill holes through the center of each stone, stringing them by color order along a delicate gold chain. The chain fastens securely with decorated end clasps for clean hanging on wall hooks. When aligned and displayed properly, the seven stones create a rainbow of vibrational healing - infusing vital energies to uplift any environment through their harmony. The chakra chain also elegantly honors the artisanal craft heritage of Rishikesh, a city renowned as the Yoga Capital of the World.


Weight- 0.12kg, Length- 8.5cm, Width- 3.2cm, Height- 117cm