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Chakra Copper Water Bottle

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This handcrafted copper water bottle is made from pure copper by skilled artisans in India using traditional techniques. The copper helps keep your drinking water fresh and clean thanks to its antimicrobial properties. The vintage design features a slender curved shape, wide mouth opening, and brass capped lid, evoking a timeless yet modern style. Our bottles make excellent gifts and serve as unique decorative pieces alongside their functionality. Ethically sourced and perfect for home or travel.

For those new to the copper water bottle scene, we recommend you fill the bottle at bedtime, let it sit overnight and drink the water in the morning. The longer the water is stored in the bottle, the more alkaline and beneficial it will become. Please note, the bottle should be used for water only. Avoid adding citrus or other items to infuse your drink as they may react with the copper.

Safe Use of Copper Bottles: Luckily, there are ways to use copper bottles safely:

  • Limit Storage Time: Don't store water in your copper bottle for more than 24 hours.
  • Clean Regularly: Wash your copper bottle regularly with soapy water and dry it completely.
  • Use a Lined Bottle: Consider a copper bottle lined with stainless steel or tin. This creates a barrier between the copper and the water.
  • Not for Everyone: If you have Wilson's disease, a genetic condition that affects copper absorption,  avoid using copper bottles altogether.